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make a pie

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In progress - really!

I’m making a pie RIGHT NOW. It’s an Angel Pie with a meringue shell and lemon filling. I hope it turns out, but I think I mixed the lemon filling a little weird . . . but hopefully it’ll still taste good. Wish me luck!

Here we go . . .

Okay, I finally got my garbage disposal fixed, so I have a plan in case something goes horribly wrong. . . Time to get crackin’!

Now that I've made it a challenge . . .

I’m actually going to do this. I just printed two recipes off of, and I’m going to make at least one of them. Both look pretty easy, but it’s still a pie, right?! I hope they’ll be good. Maybe I should get my garbage disposal fixed, just in case . . .

What kind?

I haven’t decided what kind to make yet, but I want to do it soon! Anybody have any suggestions? (Or just favorites?)

Define Pie

I don’t suppose it counts if I pour chocolate pudding into a pre-made graham cracker crust?

Actually, I love fruit pies, so that’s what I really want to make. But seriously – chocolate and graham crackers? Yum.

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