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I LOVE reading.

I’ve been doing a lot of it for the last month, and i do plan to spend my before-bed time doing more of it this year.

Just finished ‘After Dark’ Marukami, and i’m reading Chopra’s Buddha at present.
Now that i’ve got an address i’ll start getting mail and then i can get a library card here at the city library, but in the meantime i do have a card at the college library that i plan to start using for some recreational reading as well as for tech stuff.

Good luck everyone with your reading plans!

Barthes; Image. Music. Text.

I have wanted to read the articles on sound/speech and the dynamic shift between listening and playing amateur music for a long time.
Lots of good threads here.

I also just saw a new book on language that chronicles people living in a remote part of israel who speak using a common sign language.

I would still like to learn ASL at some point.. ooo! New goal!

the complete hitchikers guide to the galaxy series

was awesome.
Its actually a bit dated, but only because everyone that is interested in sci-fi-comdedy has copied it.

I hope that in the end i explode too, that would be a good way to go.

JAZZ by Toni Morrison


That is all.

The girls guide to hunting and fishing by melissa bank


I am usually a lover of short fiction so i thought i’d start trying to read novels (that aren’t science fiction) and what do i end up taking home from the library!?

This book is a fab collection of chapters not unlike short fiction but that assemble a story with the dimensionality of short fiction.
The subject matter hit home too, its all about the struggle of dating, and the catastrophe of love.

Maybe it reminded me of myself and i’m an egomaniac, but stuff like that, that is totally relatable is gratifying because i feel like; Other people are relating to this too… i’m not alone and strange in the world.

So, um… good book.

'Little Children, Tom Perrotta'

Eh, okay book.

I read it in bed/at home only which was nice.
It kept me from falling into the forcefield of ‘reality television’ and i’m hella glad of that.

I got a pretty pink lightbulb for my reading lamp and it feel SO cozy in here when i read.

I think i will make the pink bulbs a habit and pick one up when i land in seattle.

I’ll go to the library tomorow morning and grab something new.

I’m also one chapter from the end of ‘a brief history of time’ by stephen hawking. I’ve been reading that in transit and at work. Pretty engrossing stuff, pretty wild concepts but i watched the brian greene string theory doc (pbs) last year with JB and now i sort of understand the underlying theories that led up to the concept of ‘strings’.

Woot! Reading!

I feel like my library card is a kind of illicit secret.
I was in Nicholas Hoare books today and its a beautiful and very well edited store but i left thinking… i wonder when __ will be available at the TPL!


I read a ton of non-fiction at work/on the bus and at other times when i'm 'waiting' etc.

I’m usually carrying something that i can pop in and out of at a moments notice in my bag, but i MISS fiction.
I LOVE short stories and engrossing novels, but i forget to make time to get lost in that kind of reading at home.

It seems like i’m always frantic at home, doing/finishing/starting something new and i’d like my place to have a more laid back place in my mind.

So, yeah,
1.I’ve joined a book group made up of some friends. And,
2.I renewed my library card tonite.

I’m starting with ‘Little Children’, and hoping that the fact it was made into a movie bodes well for it.

I’m going to try and make this a part of my regular routine so that i won’t feel isolated and desperate when i move into a whole new city and have nothing better to do (for a while) than read a book at home.

So yeah, lots of good reasons to turn off the t.v., stop moving, and JUST READ!!!

Any suggestions for a can’t miss fiction read?

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