Kikipantsmcguffin in Vancouver is doing 37 things including…

collect a deck of cards of lost cards found throughout the city

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Seashell card on the path to work

4 diamonds and I don’t even have it! Lisa spotted it first but it was unmissable. :) happy holidays me!

UNO part dos

I found yet another random uno card today. :)

King clubs

Snagged this one at the range today shooting with rob and Steve. Might’ve been meant to go up as a target but there’s one small hole in it and no other damage. (Golf tee maybe?). Big points for today as this is a card I had been missing. :)

Queen diamonds

On lunch run today I came across this card and consequently a legit excuse to stop running for a moment. :) yay I can’t believe it’s been so long, aside from the 5 spades I found at the archery range which is a duplicate, it’s been a whole year!

I always feel like these cards are some sort of hint from the universe that I’m an integral part of the swirling anarchy. :P

woot. i found the two of spades this morning. in mini form!

i needed some kind of pic me up.. a reminder that i am part of something much bigger.

i dont think that i have a mni in my deck yet… kinda cool.

damn, its thick.

just reordered my massive found deck… not yet complete by any stretch but its so BIG!!!!

I’m amazed how easy this has been and how cool the deck looks from the backside.

i think when i’m done i’m gonna get it framed in a double glass frame to be hung at my footboard maybe. I want them arranged by suit like this ‘performance peice’ by thomas collier…

8 of hearts! Its good to be kiki

Ive been pretty strung out with all the extra work i’ve been up to, and when i found this card on friday night, on my way home, in the dusky king street gloom, it made my day.


hope in fives

i found another 5 spades tonight in my hood on the way home. better end to a bike incident day.

in a deck of 'novelty art study' cards a 2 diamonds that i needed....

such a cool find and right in my neighborhood.

caption on 2nd joker reads:


For the approval of the discriminating artist and connoisseur of art, fifty-two separate and distinct art studies. These are an example of modern photography at its finest and should prove invaluable in discussions, forums, etc.

LOVE it….

did i mention that the deck is complete?! awesome!

Uno card... RED number 3.

Ok, seriously.

Something is seriously clicking in the world. thats four cards, in two weeks, although this one is not the traditional kind, and frankly doesn’t go in the deck, i’m keeping it anyway. how rare is an uno card!?

just posting this for the record, because man oh man, i have been having some serendipidous luck.


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