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Taking a break from Spanish, working on Portuguese.

The college, or somebody, has decided that foreign languages no longer count fill the elective credit requirement for degrees, so I’m not going to be taking Spanish classes now. I want to, but I simply don’t have the time to take extra classes right now. Also, I’ve decided to pursue my interest in Portuguese in my free time, so I’m taking a break from Spanish for a bit.. I think they’re probably similar enough to be both helpful and confusing.

Getting help from community.

There is a nice woman that works at the little Mexican Grocery right in front of our apartment building that I intend to ask if she’ll help me occasionally with my Spanish class.

first day of Intro to Spanish

Today I had my first class of Intro to Spanish. The instructor seems to be right nice guy and I feel this will be the class this, my first, semester I will look forward to the most. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue with the later Spanish courses in the following semesters.

Starting Intro to Spanish course

One of the classes in my first semester of school is Intro to Spanish.

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