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study hard for this last week of finals

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Done Modern British Lit...

Exam felt Ok. Who the hell knows though with English. Really. Especially with this prof… [insert expression of utter discontentment here].

Got my final essay back. A minus. Know I shouldn’t complain but A minuses bug me. They are just too close to an A for it not to be annoying. Besides it’s more the comments I got than the mark, as… none were very good. Based off of the comments I don’t know how I scraped into the 80s. It has to happen every once in a while though, as I suppose it’s never very good to be lulled into a false sense of security. Knowing myself, this will be a huge motivator for me to do my absolute best in this class next term so the T.A. has no CHOICE but to give me an A… there will be no opportunity for her to write bitchy, yet subjectively true, comments. Sigh… I know where I screwed up though; I tried to shove to many things into the essay for its word count and as a result had to lose a lot of important evidence and explanation for the bare bones, which in turn resulted in an essay that made sense to me, but not so much for everyone else. Namely the T.A., who is the only person that really counts in the equation.

Stats is next. Feel OK but my average is amazing in this course and I refuse to let it drop below a 90 because I want a damn 90 on my transcript.. and in my GPA!


Ok done Joyce and Woolf


Done Yeats and Hardy.

2 down...

2 to go. Which is lulling me into a false sense of relaxation. Break time is over! Time to return to the whip-cracking hard work. Modern British Lit on Wed. and Statistics on Saturday – these ones are not going to be that difficult so I’d best not get a lower mark than I could have because I’ve been slacking.

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