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Life is great

I’ve really been enjoying the Summer of ‘07. I discovered a website called meet up and joined several of the groups that have goals that are aligned with my own. Health, Wealth and Happiness. I’ve been able to stay on track with all of my goals and have a great time. The internet is a wonderful source of information. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to update this page. I almost forgot that this pages is here. I know when the weather turns cold I will not be doing as much so I’m getting in as much as I possibly can.

Daily Word

A friend’s mom sends me the Daily Word. I don’t always read them, but today daily word really spoke to me. I believe that God has given me the ability to have the best life that I can have, all I have to do is take positive actions. Here it is:

Today’s Daily Word – Friday, June 1, 2007
First Step
Partnering with God, I move step-by-step in being a healthier, happier me.
Whether I am desiring a change for the better in my health or in my life in general, or whether life itself is asking such a change of me—I may wonder how I will get from where I am to where I want to be.
I know this: I don’t have to do it all alone, and I certainly don’t have to do it all at once! That first step, however small, creates momentum. It is an action that says, “God, I am ready to accept Your plan of good for me.”
Taking the first step relieves any self-doubt and builds my confidence. The next one is a little easier, and before I know it, I have made tremendous progress on a whole new path of better living.
I make a commitment to take one step at a time. Partnering with God, I move step-by-step in being a healthier, happier me.

“For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline.”—2 Timothy 1:7

Happiness comes in waves of varying lengths.

2006 was a great year. I did a lot of fun stuff with the sweetie. Hung out with my friends. Had a nice get together at my house. My health was good, I’m out of credit card debt, my weight is being managed and my relationship survived. Life is great and most of the time I feel happy. I am happy. Of course, there are days that are horrific for various reasons, but all in all life is good.

Irritation blocking happiness

I’m irritated and I don’t feel happy. I realize this feeling is ephemeral. I do understand that. But, I’m compelled to write about it because it’s not passing quickly enough and I’m not sure why I feel the way that I do. But, I abhor when people don’t answer a question directly. Have an opinion about something, one way or another. If I ask you something, why would you reply, “It’s up to you”. Why, would it be up to me, don’t you know what you want to do and if you don’t care either way, then pick one, why should I have to choose for you? And why, would you want someone to make a choice for you? Why would you want to give up you’re right to choose? Passive/aggressiveness is irritating. The whole situation is trivial, but the irritating feeling is large and I don’t know why. I just don’t understand myself. The inability to understand myself and the irritation are blocking my happiness, but only momentarily

Happy that warm weather is approaching

I love warm weather. I love warm weather for so many different reasons. Nature is more beautiful when the weather is warm, the flowers and trees are in bloom, the breeze is comforting. I love being able to wear sandals, closed toed shoes are uncomfortable, sandals feel like freedom for my feet. I can also enjoy the outdoors, concerts, longer walks in the park, picnics, sightseeing, joyriding, ah, warm weather. Warm weather makes me happy.

Releasing resentment

I’m still dealing with the situation that occured during the Super Bowl party with my boyfriend’s best friend’s girlfriend. I’m not as angry as I was but I’m still holding on to resentment. Resentment that I want to release. This weekend I thought that I had come up with a solution that would help me to heal and release my resentment, but I talked it over with two people who’s opinions I really respect and they shared that they did not think my solution was genuine or appropriate.

My solution was to send this couple a card congratulating them on their recent nupitals. I was going to send this card as a peace offering. My friends felt like I was trying to right the Super Bowl wrong in the context of their recent marriage and the two have nothing to do with each other and to use their marriage as an excuse to start a dialogue would be inappropriate. Plus, I was not sending a card because I was geninuely happy for their recent marriage, but as a way to show that I did not have any ill feelings, which is not exactly true. They both felt that I should wait a while and then call the woman and discuss our Super Bowl encounter. Woman to Woman.
During the course of the conversation, I realized that I don’t care to make the effort because I don’t care enough about the woman, after all she is not my friend, she is simply my boyfriend’s best friend’s wife. So, I’ve decided to do nothing and pray that God releases the resentment from my heart so that I can see her, say hello and go on about my business. I am not interested in having a friendship with her for my boyfriend’s sake. I’m not interested in being friends with someone who can not apologize to me for cursing me out or being friends with someone who lies on me. She told her husband that I “came at her wrong”. I’m just not willing to apologize for something I did not do, nor am I willing to extend friendship to someone I am not interested in being friends with. I think the releasing of resentment will just take time.

I'm happy

I’m really happy because I feel that I’m growing in my personal life. I feel that I am making positive strides in living a good life and doing the right things. I want to be a good persons with good values and I feel that I am doing that more and more everyday. I am making a conscientious effort to have patience, avoid anger, and all things that are considered unworthy of a good life. I’m happy and it feels good.

I'm not happy about a situation

I’m dealing with a situation, that has me feeling unhappy. I entered into a bet with my boyfriend, his best friend and the best friend’s girl friend. During the course of the bet, my boyfriend and I broke up and got back together as couples sometimes do. During the break up my boyfriend told his best friend and the best friends girl friend, that he was not going to pay or honor the bet, and that they didn’t have to honor the bet either. When we got back together my boyfriend told his best friend that he was going to honor the bet. The bestfriend and his girlfriend, said that they were not going to honor the bet because I forfeited when I broke up with my boyfriend. Now, there was no such stipulation in the bet and since we made up and are back together I felt like they should honor the bet. Initially, my boyfriend told me to leave the subject alone, to let it go. At first, I agreed, but the more I thought about it, the more it angered me. So, I asked my boyfriend to say something to them about the bet. He refused, because earlier in the week I had made the comment that I was a grown woman and could handle my own affairs, so he told me to handle the issue with the bet. So, the next time we were together, I approached his friend and asked him when was he going to take me out for my lobster dinner, that was the wager, whoever, won was to get a lobster dinner from the other 3 losers. My boyfriends best friend said he would honor the bet, anytime, just let him know. However, when I asked the girlfriend, she cussed me out and told me that she did not have to pay the bet because my boyfriend said that she did not have to pay the bet. I asked my boyfriend to intervene, to acknowledge that he should not have told her to not pay and that she should now pay. He refused. His reason for refusing was he didn’t want to get into an argument and in the end she wouldn’t pay anyway. I do not like how my boyfriend handled this situation. I feel like he doesn’t have my back, that he’s afraid of confrontation and he can not see his role in this. I’m very disappointed in him and I’m unhappy about the situation.

Happy New Year

It’s a new year and I’m looking forward to what the year will bring. Last year was an interesting year. I had some really good times and a few really sad times, but overall it was a good year and I look forward to what life brings. As my girl India.Arie says in her song Healing:

I release all disappointment from my mental, physical, spiritiual, and emotional bodies, cause I know that spirit guides me and loves lives in side me. That’s why I take life as it comes.

I’m gonna take life as it comes. I’m also gonna face life unafraid of what I want.

I'm happy

I’ve got a lot to be grateful for, and I am. My life is by no means prefect, but right now things are wonderful and I feel good. Today, I feel a real sense of peace and happiness. I’m doing the best that I can, okay, maybe not the best, but I’m doing what I want at a pace that I want. I’m not letting work stress me out and I’m keeping my worries at bay, I have faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

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