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draw or paint with my daughter every week

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Ailbhe Leamy has written 6 entries about this goal

Going very well!

This is going very well. Every week we draw with pencils, pens or chalk, and some weeks we paint. Actually, mostly she paints with Daddy, but she still gets to do it.

We have one of her paintings on the dining room wall. It’s veyr cheerful.

Every little counts

I’ve been ill, but we had a scribble with a biro and a scrap of paper. It counts – she’s not quite 13 months.

Bought equipment

I bought a roll of cheap drawing paper and a little tray to put poster paints in. I’m still scared of painting though. I think we might do that in the garden.

Drew today!

She was more interested in sorting the pencils though.

I am not doing well with this one

I shall have to work drawing in to the schedule somehow. I seem to work better on a loose schedule.

Making messes together!

I want to draw or paint or similar with my daughter at least once every week. This will give us BOTH a boost! She’s only barely one though, so it might be… messy.

Ailbhe Leamy has gotten 7 cheers on this goal.


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