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ailismum has written 1 entry about this goal

I realised I like myself when I accepted myself

Perhaps I stopped hating my body, not sure when. Ironically, when I hated my body it was much younger and in much better shape than it is now. I like myself as a whole being – my body, my face, my thoughts and opinions. I’m ok with being human, having problems, failing at things. I used to put so much conscious thought into self improvement, I think to be honest perhaps I couldn’t get things into perspective.
Sure I’d like to be fitter, thinner, richer, prettier, and all those things, but I honestly don’t think any of those things would change me.
I’m nicer to be around now I’m happier; and I enjoy genuinely giving to others – care and attention mostly.
I like being lazy and reading for hours and not doing the housework, if I’m in the mood to. I am very content. I don’t self-chastise.


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