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Thank you my friend, Mr. B

Today I heard back from a friend whom we have been estrange for a while. He emailed to thank me for the gift that I’ve sent recently that I brought back from my latest trip abroad.

Honestly, I still do not know the reason why we became estrange or “distance”. But I am very happy to have heard back from him. I’ve been really sad about the fell out of our friendship because he has been a source of encouragement, let out outlet and many more. I was sad in losing a good friend for a while….but I came to accept and take that he was like an angle, came on behalf of God….because God can’t be at everywhere at every moment.

Therefore, sometimes God send an angle, in that moment, and he came on behalf of God, to give me courage, and support to help bridge me over the difficult times of my life. And once they’re done with their task, they move on to their next assignment. He was truly a kind soul who helped without reciprocity.

Thank you friend, for letting me hear back from you and I am forever in gratitude, for our beautiful friendship. I wish you and yours the very best in all your endeavor.


"Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them" Publilius Syrus.

I’ve been meaning to jot down an entry for this “thing” since Christmas but haven’t found the stillness or the calming to do so.

I remember reading a quote about friendship, something to the effect of: tell me not how much wealth you have but tell me of your genuine friendships.

I’m taking this quick moment to thanks the man up stair and to honor all my friends, especially the ones that have or made positive influence in my life.

Since I’m leaving to go on an extended trip abroad tomorrow, I do want to count my blessing for having good, kind, helpful, caring friends in my life. I’ve gone on many trips before yet I never communicate/send out as much “updates” about my trip like this one now. I even gone as far as giving specific instructions on how my friends can get a hold of me while I’m abroad. Send each of them a copy of my itinerary and alternative options in contact me, which I’ve never done before because I want complete freedom. I don’t know what’s the outcomes of this trip yet, but I already felt the most wealthy person on earth.

This is simply due to all my friends. Each of them, depending on skill, resource, talent, their own experiences, all contributed in helping me be as prepared for the trip as possible.

These tasks has been including but not limited to: hotel search, airline search, lifestye, customs, checklist, how to pack, where to go, what to do, and the list go on and on.

This trip’s preparation had turned me into a VIP as I felt like I had an entire team of assistants to help me, not just one. So my dear friends, thank you for being my good friends, for always looking out, protecting me, had my best interests in mind and always so helpful and anxious to be of assistance.

Last but not least, all the pep talks really made a difference on my perspective about a certain place or culture. So, I am taking this brief moment, to honor you, my dearest friends, for having walked into my life and be my nearest relations.

In gratitude,

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