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Throw Out 50 Things - week # 3 - Purging the dresser and closet.

It’s been so windy and chilly here that I made this past weekend a home bound one.

I purged/declutterd/re-organized the top of the dresser in my bedroom. Put away the laundered clothes and re-decorate the top of the dresser so it can be more pleasing.

In the process of organizing the dresser, I was able to add to below items to my 50 items to throw out list>

No. 16 (qty 1): Black, long sleeved knit blouse. To be donated to Career Closet
No. 17(qty 2): Bras. To be donated to the Homeless Shelter down the street.
No. 18 (qty 1): Eileen Fisher sleeveless top – green. Expensive/quality stuff but the fit was not very flattering. To be donated to Career Closet
No. 19 (qty 1): Spaghetti strap camisole, black. To be donated to Career Closet
No. 20 (qty 2): Kasper grey skirt suit. To be donated to Career Closet
No. 21 (qty 2): Tahari grey checker skirt suit. To be donated to Career Closet
No. 22 (qty 1): Spense brand, short sleeve pink blouse. To be donated to Career Closet

My goal for my home/work environment is:
*I beautify my life by simplifying my surroundings thus reduced clutter.
*I enjoy keeping my home clean and orderly.
*I keep my home and workplace clean and tidy.
*I keep my office tidy and organized, and my mind follows suit.
*I simplify my life by only holding on to those things which empower me.
*My home and work environments are fresh and inspiring.
*My home is the epitome of beauty and function.
*Our home is completely clutter-free.

In simple living,

Throw Out 50 Things - week # 2 - Left over sweets from Halloween

I got home late from work due to bad traffic on Hallowwen day so I wasn’t able to finish passing out the sweets I have bought for the occasion.

Instead of candies, the last few years, depending on the deal I was getting, I bought either pastry, energy bars, etc…alternative to the traditional candies. The neighborhood kids never complained about my treat….because it’s still some form of sweet, only nicer than those cheap a….candies. Some neighbor give out 1 piece or even turned off the light. But that’s another story/entry.

This year, I bought many of the Little Debbie treats, like Cinnabon, Fudge square, etc…I only gave out about 2 boxes and candies. There’s still like 10 boxes of assorted stuff. I put them in a paper bag meaning to take over the nearby homeless shelter. And had them by the door since Halloween.

I decided to take the train into work today. I made the effort to take all of those sweets, and put some fresh fruits I bought last week and brought it to the shelter. This is a little after 8 am and there are many homeless folks checking out.

There were also pop tarts in that mix. I hoped the shelter’s workers would pass it out to the homeless folks. A little something for them to munch on before heading out to this freezing weather.

Only wished I had time to buy more/and the resources to give out more.

In a nut shell, I do without an assortment of 80 pieces of individual pastry/snacks and 5 oranges.

I am affirming the following for my home/surrounding environment:
*Everyday, I declutter one or more area of my life.
*I declutter my home on a weekly basis.
*I am keeping my home clean & orderly.
*I take care of my home with great respect and love.
*My home is orderly and clean.
*My home environment is clutter free.
*My home is filled with peace and happiness.

In simple living,

Facebook: do without!

I’ve done the FB cleaned out prior to reading an inspired entry here:

But I thought that was a good idea.

I removed all the former co-workers except 2 that is no longer career relevant nor do I keep in touch with. I consolidated all my family contact (our extended family is truly global) into the FAMILY list.

Therefore, all updates/entries will be visible by my family & 2 former co-workers.

Less updates to be posted about, less crappy information to be processed by my brain, eventhough it was on auto-updates.

Plus, who cared if my former colleague got drunk on Friday night and passed out on the street, lol.

Selective information or ignorance is bliss, in this case.

Throw Out 50 Things - week # 1

I’ve readh this book before and had good success on putting this declutter process into practice. I’ve only been back from my 2nd RTW trip for about 6 months and the American junk acquiring syndrom is creeping back onto me.

This past weekend, I decided to print out the “My Throw-Outs” list sold with the book (or check the author’s website for a copy) and re-practice the reduce/reuse/eliminate concept.

So far, I’ve managed to purge the following items. They will either be sold, donate or trash, depending on the condition of the items.

Brand new, never use candle pouring/making kit: to be sold (qty:1)
*Brand new, never opened baby toys meant as gifts for my trip abroad but didn’t get included due to excess baggage allowance: to be sold (qty:2).
*Brand new, never worn silk camisole that were part of a business suite that’s too tight for my comfort. To be donated to Career Closet here in San Jose, CA: (qty:1)
*Brand new, never use pie baking steamer – ceramic red bird that I felt obliged to buy as fund raising from a former co-worker. To be donated (qty:1)
*Gentle lit a few time, a large, winter pine scent, pillar candle. I don’t have a container that fit it so I lined it with a glass dish but almost never use because I felt unsafe. To be donated to Savers. Someone can get better use out of it than me. (qty:1)
*The broken thermostat we replaced last week. Tossed into trash (qty:1)
*Summer lemonade/waster jar. Nothing is wrong with it, except the water flow is so slow. I bought a removeable lid water container recently so it fit perfectly in the new fridge. To be donated (qty:1)
*Replaced vanity faucet from the master bath. We recently upgrade to new backsplash, mirror & faucet set so this gotta go. It’s perfectly functional, just no longer fit out style. To be donated to Savers(qty:1)
*Like new condition, plastic Japanese style bento lunch box (slim style, like pencil box) that I used as first aid kit container for my RTW trip. Swap out with plastic evelope with zip to save space. To be donated to Savers (qty:1)
*Desk style/size business check binder, from former business. Shredded all the remaining blank checks and purged the binder. To be donated to Savers (qty:1)
*Brand new glass shade/cover to a ceiling light fixture for the laundry room that I could no longer find the actual light fixture.
I’m sure with other things, the light fixture might re-surface after I donated the glass shade. To be donated to Savers (qty:1)

It sounds a lot – but so far, that’s already 13 items on the Throw Out list that got purged.

I’m confidence I can add plenty of things to the list soon, to make the 50 things.

I affirm and letting go of all clutter or anything that’s no longer of benefits to my soul.
*I am striving toward volunteer simplicity as my new adoption of minimalist lifestyle are positive and fulfilling.
*I am focusing on fulfilling experiences instead of clutter accumulation.
*I beautify my life by simplifying my surroundings.
*I clean my home so that my mind can be clear and inspired
*I de-clutter my home on a weekly basis
*I enjoy keeping my home clean and orderly.

Addendum: 12-01-2013
I dropped all of the above “donated” items to Savers store. Although small, I always feel lighter based on the amount of donation I dropped off, each and every time.

Did without the medicine cabinet

Part of our recent bathroom remodeling, we went from old, big bulky medicine cabinets with the 3 splits mirrors. I’ve never like that medicine cabinet because the mirrors is composed of 3 smaller mirrors. It always seems like the mirrors is slicing through you which is a creepy feeling for me.

Anyhow, we got rid of that medicine cabinet and donated it to the Habitat For Humanity rehab store. Then we turned around and bought a medicine cabinet, although smaller, came with one full piece of mirror.

It was in good shape but needed a refresh coat of paint. I painted it to match with the bathroom vanity cabinet paint’s color. This is what happen when your visualization got the better of you. It felt too dark and heavy top because of the new brown/gold tiles.

It took many mirrors but we opted for the frame-less one from Ikea for my own bath.

Suddenly, we no longer needed the medicine cabinet. All that priming and painting for nothing.

After a couple of weeks of sitting in the door of the guest room and took up valuable space, it became a sore eye for me.

I finally took the whole thing and donated it to the Saver which would benefit the local Hope Services.

It was such a relief to remove it from my home premise and make room to welcome new stuff into my life.

Mirrors mirrors on the wall - went to Savers the thrift shop for Hope Services!

Well, for whatever dog gone reason, I didn’t successfully made any sales on Craigslist after I came back from my recent RTW trip. Either the stuff I posted on Craigslist (almost new) are just boring household stuff that could be dime a dozen or I’m just not too lucky. I’ve posted it for weeks and weeks and even got some one kept flagging my ad for removal. What’s so offensive about posting household stuff?

Anyway, last night, I decided I have had it with the failed Craigslilst’s listing. I preferred to get the cash from selling the stuff but since it was such a long tailed ones, I had it went into my donation box.

I drove straight to Savers, about 20 minutes before their closing time and dropped off the donation.

*Donated: 2 gold trim, square, decorative mirrors that I only used 2 x for a trade show.
*Donated: 1 brand new, still in wrap, decorative tree branch/bunch that I never use.
*Small Sudoku book that was part the 52 ways to say Grace pack I bought a few days ago. Didn’t use it, or need it so it went to the donation pile.
*A bunch of wedding game/sensual romance game kits that I originally wanted to list on Ebay. After putting some thoughts about dealing with all the fees and dreadful packing/shipment, I find it’s better off to the donation center so some local souls can purchase it through Savers.

I affirm and letting go of all clutter. I am practicing “less is more” because if it doesn’t nourish my soul, I want to get rid of it.
I let go of all negativity that rests in my body and mind.

Back yard clean up, part II- Do without, July 18th, 2013

Yesterday, was backyard clean up, part II. I trim over grown tree branches and weed that has taken over the yard during my recent RTW trip. My dear….dear brother has already done the majority of the de-weed while I was gone upon the “clean up” letter issued by the complex management.

Yesterday, was the routine/upkeep clean up. It wasn’t too bad since it just maintenance up keep mode. I walked away from the task with:

*Recycled: Do without 3 additional wooden flower pots. In great condition but looked a bit weather. Tossed into the recycling bin.
*Donated: 2 large brown plastic garbage bins.
*Donated: 1 fold-able baker racks used to house various flower pots in the back yard.

Do without, July 9th, 2013

Cleaning out the coat closet where I had my mini “pharmacy”. I did without these stuff.

All personal care/toiletries are going to the homeless shelter (gave away).

  • 6 bottles of Swedish Beauty tanning lotion Returned from an Ebay buyer.
    *1 instant tanning/glow lotion from my own bathroom.
    *2 bottles of volumne infusing shampoo.
    *2 bottles hair conditioner
    *1 bottle shampoo out
    *1 bottle blond shampoo
    *1 bottle body scrub

Washed my car, washed my 2 bicycles and while at in the backyard, do without by gotten rid of:
*3 weave decorative flower pots
*3 large brown garbage bins
*1 brittle bucket (due to extensive sun exposure)

Do without, July 2nd, 2013

Cleaned out, and washed the front porch today and do without the following:

  • Coconut Welcome mat # 1. I do have a thinner one in front of the door. It’s pretty, sturdy and good on collecting dirt from people’s shoes. But it’s so good on collecting dirt/debris that it’s ugly to look at or needs washing too often. I washed it well, air dry then put it in the bag to be donated to Savers.
  • 3 tiers plant stand. Don’t remember when was the last time I had a plant or plants on that stand. It kept getting knock down by wind or people due to poor design. Went in the car trunk to be donated to Savers tomorrow, after my volunteer shift.
  • Garden hose box: Spent a small fortune on this thing but it didn’t function as intend. Had it sit out in the side yards for years and gather dust and a bunch of trash under neath. Gave it a good wash and drop it off at Savers tonight, right at their closing time. I just wanted all the “un-wanted, do without stuff” off my premise. Otherwise, it sit there and gather dust or de-beautify my living space again.
    *A black, tall lamp
    *Various bath room fixtures

Clean out my email in box

I am on a “cleaning/de-cluttering” roll right now so I thought I do another cleaning task.

This morning, I spent an entire hour, doing nothing but deleted obsolete messages in my personal email in box. I might have kept these emails for back up, confirmation, references. But…..I do not need email from 2003, that’s 10 year old (aged) emails.

Many were business related but I no longer operate those businesses so currently, it’s no longer relevant.

By continuing the “Year 2013 Spring Cleaning/De-cluttering” project:

I am willing to release old, negative beliefs that one must own many material things to be considered or perceived successful and lead a comfortable life. They are just things that may not produced real happiness. My new adoption of minimalist lifestyle are positive and fulfilling.

I am ready to let go of most things in my home in striving toward simple living and a light move to school.

I pray daily that my income is constantly increasing, and I prosper wherever I turn.

For things that I do sell at the Swap Meet, I am open and receptive to get help from the Universe to help me quickly sell all items at the desired price that I’ve asked for.
*I pray that my Swap Meet selling would be quick, efficient, pleasant, successful and profitable, just like my Craigslist selling before my Central America trip.

All is well from my end. In gratitude to God.

Update: I continued with the same task for another 2 days and my personal email in-box is pretty lean now. I can see all new emails coming in and action on them immediately. No outstanding un-read messages or obsolete sent/saved messages.

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