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make life simple

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Paola has written 2 entries about this goal

In order to make my life simple...

... I want to cut off redundant bureaucratic ties (double residency, blablabla).
Hopefully in the next month.

Jeebus, that feels great!

Ok, I’ve gone through a MASSIVE cleaning of my goals.
I nominally gave up, but actually I’ve put them aside.

I need (need) to make my life simple, now.
Too many problems popping out every effing day. That means something is not working.
I have—no, I want to take care of it.
It will take some sacrifices, but it’ll be worth, I’m sure.

And I’m being very vague on purpose, because not sharing my plans for the moment is definitely part of making things simpler!

Paola has gotten 7 cheers on this goal.


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