naanu ``busy`` in Mumbai is doing 28 things including…

Have mentors and spiritual teachers/coaches


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naanu ``busy`` has written 4 entries about this goal

i think i must let it on time...

i will find some good mentor as time passes..

n for now as books r the best mentors for me…

reiki international center

i went to reiki international center… but i don’t found friendly atmosphere there…



oh GOD…. today again i forgot to go at that meditation centre.. it time is on Monday 5-6pm… oh when i will able to join/ if i let go mondays one by one out of my life like this?

i must write it down somewhere…. or to whom i could tell to remind me?

spiritual coach

once i had attained chanting session of one person. he was MBA.. he explain the thing very well. i didn find any superstitiousness in it. but i don’t remember name of that person.. i just know i attained it in matunga. but i dont remember his name. & i lost the paper which he gave me.


I want to:
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