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Fears Of Rejection

So I’ve had a few small rejections but I don’t feel they are enough. My biggest fear of rejection I’d guess is someone not liking me. Like trying to talk to someone and they don’t wanna talk to me. Like, trying something new and not doing “good enough.” Well that happened with the youtube vid. But my biggest rejection involves a person not liking me. I need to put myself out there more.

I’m still not ready to cross this off.

Youtube Videos

Well I put up some youtube vids and they haven’t done well with feedback. I guess that’s rejection but I need to aim higher. Of course I don’t want to aim for rejection, I’m aiming for success. I just want to stop not doing things because I may be rejected. So freaking what.

Let's Aim For Rejection

well this is a good goal. if you aren’t getting rejected in life, you aren’t living. i want to live the good life. the good life is broad, open, fun, enjoyable and fulfilling. it’s also laced with rejection because you can’t live a fulfilling life without rejection.

My life is so unfulfilled because I fear rejection so much that I’d rather do nothing. Oh well, it’s time for a change. I’m gonna put myself out there.

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