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i think i might nearly be done with this!

I am going to America for a month in 1 weeks time. I keep trying to organize everything only to realize I have already done it.

When in the States it might be a bit stressful – my husband sees his dysfunctional family and I’ll do my best to support him but I must remember to take time out for myself.

If all goes well and I have learnt to handle the stress I think I will cross this off the list :)

4 days off

best thing i could do for myself – all i did was sleep, eat, watch movies, hang out with John adn go for walks. I have decided I will take a break every 6 months. I feel so centred and back to my unstressed self.

I have tried to be more organized with little things like getting ready the night before – which helps a lot.

Now i like to lay on the bed for 10 mins and just erlax and be in the present – not think about the past or future but just be…it helps a lot too.

to continue feeling relaxed, I have booked in 2 exercize se4ssions next week and have dinner planned for next week…I am going to continue with my 10 mins of present time and my organizing.

going for a walk tonight

going to start walking every day and hope it starts helping me relax

4 days off!

I have just taken 4 days off mid August to just relax – my husband is doing the same – we will sit at home and stare at each other


This is the key to living a less stressful life. I have sometimes been organizing my clothes and everything i need for the day ahead – the night before – It really helps. There are no more wild thrashing panics in the morning to find things and i start the day off in a better frame of mind. I also need to get my house in order – cleaned up -

Tonight i weil have a meeting with John to organize the week ahead and clean the lounge room and kitchen!!

oh and exercise

i have to exercise

things i have learned

im finding that, for me, the more organised i am the less stressed i am – and therefor the more relaxed i am :)

so the things i have to keep organised are:

1) Dinners
2) Finances
3) keep the house clean

also keeping a diary/planner is helping a lot…and having one night a week where i do nothing and don’t allow myself to feel guilty about it. I have chosen Wednesday nights recently as my favourite show is on tv and John is at rehearsal so I have the house to myself. But now my show has ended its season adn it is not on as of this week…Tuesdays are $1 weeklys at our video store so i guess i will be hiring a movie and settling in for the night, doing my nails, taking a bath adn going to bed early :)

The below post

did not happen!

I did tonnes of washing though.

I’ll tell you what I’ve got so far for dinner scheduals…

Mon – chilli and rice
Tue – chicken and vegies
Wed – chicken and salad
Fri – fish and vegies
Sun – steak and roast vegies

I want to fill Thursday and Saturday with some vegetarian meals, any suggestions? maybe some soups?...(but not too carby)

Weekend alone

This weekend I have the house to myself, John is away in the countryside for a bucks party. I am workign both Saturday and Sunday but I am going to use this opportunity to clean the house from top to bottom! plan some scheduals and have a fresh place and less stressful life when he returns….that is the plan anyway

bath time!!

tonight :)

ill find some aromatherapy oils to put in the bath, light some candles and listen to a relaxation cd.

I haven’t found myself too stressed out untill today. It happened about an hour before i went to bed. I decided to clean out our house and just before i went to bed i was overwhelmed with irritation!! I found it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep. I woke really early and my mind was racing. I have felt a bit stressed since then. so I will FORCE myself to relax tonight!!

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