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I was 5 and my sister was 3. My mom never liked pets…but broke down and got us a kitty. On that fateful first day at our home the poor kitty endured a bath and I endured lots of scratches. I dressed it in my baby clothes and strap it to my stroller to go for a walk in the backyard. Then my sister grabbed it by the tail. Then my mom saved the cat from our loving care. We didn’t even have time to name it. My mom took the kitty and returned it to its mom and previous owner. We were definitely not ready for a pet!!!


My sister and I fought a lot as kids and my mom used to punish us by sending us to our room, which we shared to make peace. We had to think about what we did, then talk to each other, say we were sorry AND hug each other. Then, we would jump through the window to play in the backyard. My mom would watch us through the kitchen window and know we were just fine.

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