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go through my things, get rid of or donate anything I am not using

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My room is looking a lot better, but I’ve still got a ways to go. I’m going to go home after class today and go through the top of my closets and get rid of anything I don’t need. That will clear up some room to organize stuff up there and get it off my floor. Yay, progress! (I’m probably going to consider this goal met when I get my room sorted out. I have a bunch of other stuff in storage or at my ex-boyfriend’s place which I just don’t have time to deal with for now.)

Coming to a halt...

Well, I did great for a whole week, but I’ve since not had much time to get rid of more stuff this week. I really need to go through the top parts of my closets and look at what I can get rid of. Law school (and catching up before finals in particular) keeps a girl very busy. I’m also doing prep for Japan. So, anyway, I hope to get back on track with this a bit before my finals end so that I can leave for Japan with a least a partially cleaned room.

Making slow but steady progress

Well, I’ve managed, this week, to get rid of two bags of garbage and some boxes, as well as two bags of clothing/items to donate. I think I need to be even more brutal in the paring down process, but clothing is hard, because it all fits, and some of it is seasonal. I probably need to be more realistic about how many of my pairs of shoes I will actually be wearing. I should take each pair and see if there is an outfit I will wear them with, and if there is, whether I’m just more likely to wear another pair of shoes and get rid of them if they aren’t something I think I will realistically wear. It’s hard though. :P

A bag per day

To try and get through this goal, I think I’m going to work on it incrementally and set a goal to get rid of one bag of stuff per day… whether it’s garbage or clothes/items to donate.

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