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landscape my yard

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Last weekend

I forgot to note that last weekend I did quite a bit of work in the yard. While hubby mowed up leaves, I trimmed hedges and cut back old plants. Hoping to use the leaves to create beds for next year. Hoping I have money for planting in the spring.

Holy Crap!

Yesterday afternoon, I came home to find my parents helping hubby finishing a brand spanking new bed under the big maple tree in the back. I’d been wanting a bed under it for a really long time because of all the frackin roots that the lawnmower is forever hitting (and breaking on).

It’s awesome! I probably shouldn’t plant anything there until next spring, but there’s a part of me that thinks I could just start with a few fast growing items. Hmm.

So I’m looking for suggestions of what to plant there. It’s a big tree, so the bed is partly to mostly shady. The bed has rich soil and is well drained. I live in upstate NY, so it needs something that will survive the winter here. Oh, and except for a few items, I was it to be all perennials.

Any ideas?

Low expectations

With no money and even less extra time, I’m keeping my goals small this year. Today, I seeded and fertilized the front lawn. Should rain today or tomorrow.

Hoping to do something about the moss and all the extra leaves. Probably no planting this year.

It hasn't rained in more than 2 weeks

Everything is dying.

M-F wasps

I was headed out to start making that darn bed under the tree today. Walked out the back door and was nearly immediately stung by a M-F wasp! I was totally shocked. There have been some wasps outside that back door for years, but always very docile. They never bothered us. But this time, I did absolutely nothing.

The very first moment I thought it was a mosquito. Then the next, a black fly. By the time my hand reached the spot on the top of my foot, I realized it was a the damn wasp. OUCH! I forgot how much that hurts! I cried a little.

Tried to get back inside, but every time I neared the steps. there was a little swarm by my feet. I thought, “how the heck am I going to get back in the house? All the other entrances are locked!”

But I waited it out a few minutes and quickly rant up the steps, flew open the door and returned inside for some bug bite gel.

When hubby came home I declared war. Took out the spray and sent him out to kill. No more Ms. nice person. This is war.

And it still frickin hurts,10 hour later. M-F wasps!

black raspberries

So we’ve had a few black raspberry bushes start to take over on two sides of the garage. And you know what? I don’t care. So what if it’s choking a few hostas. I have yummy black raspberries. I’ve already picked about a quart. And It’s about time I’m out every day to pick them. There are plenty. If I could just figure out how to contain them and make them a little prettier (and less thorny. I get scratched up every time I pick. Dad says I should trim them back in the fall. Not sure what that means, but I’ll give it a try.

cleared out some overgrowth

The side of the house has gotten really overgrown. Make it difficult to pass through with the mower or even to walk by. It’s just not a part of the yard in which we spend a lot of time. So it suddenly looked terrible.

Hubby got some energy and just started hacking and sawing at everything. We cleared the area out, cutting down some over grown weeds and bushes and even (sadly) a dead lilac bush. So sad.

But wow! It just opened up the entire area. And although it’s not on my list of things to do to landscape the yard, it became essential. Quite proud of the work we did.

Rain Rain Go Away

Have not been able to do anything. Always raining during my free time. It sucks.

Busy weekend again

It rained all day Saturday, but Sunday I got in some good gardening time. Friday, after work, I picked up 3 flats of pachysandra and a flat and a half of impatiens. Mom and Dad brought over 3 bags of mulch and three bags of topsoil. What did I accomplish?

1. Planted pachysandra and covered about 1/3 of the bed, but they spread quickly (so I’m told).
2. Planted all the impatiens in three different beds.
3. Created new flower bed between two of the trees along my driveway.
4. Fertilized and watered all new plants.

I promise to share photos soon.

Next weekend:
1. buy more topsoil (5-8 bags)
2. create one more bed around 3rd tree and plant another flat of impatiens.
3. Start bed around silver maple by cutting down overgrown grass and weeds and laying down peat moss and topsoil. Prepare to plant astilbe.

I am going crazy. I’m always sore after the weekend. What is it about planting that works the buttocks so much? After that, I think there are some places to cover with mulch that will make all my mowing a bit easier. That will be it until fall I think.

This is exhausting

This weekend, I mowed both the back and front lawns. With hubby still in his brace, I might very well be doing that all summer. I’m hoping he’ll be able to mow by mid to late July.

I also…
1. spread grass seed over the front lawn, especially at the tire tracks
2. Pulled up some weeds and dandelions in the flower beds and in the sides of the driveway by the fence
3. created one small bed with topsoil and mulch for impatiens (under a tree)
4. Spread 8 bags of mulch over the big bed I am creating for pachysandra
5. Fertilized flower beds

Next weekend…
1. plant impatiens and pachysandra
2. create beds along driveway (need to buy 6-8 bags topsoil and more mulch)

I promise pictures next time.

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