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new church?

disclaimer: people AREN’T perfect

Really drenching this into prayer….i shared my heart to my pastor’s wife abt how i dislike the church and reason’s justifying it to her and she was very empathetic and telling me do what is what’s best for me…don’t worry about guilt trip, out of obligation.(like hmmmph i have to be here my whole life..that I am really fired for this church and really what it offers and how I can be a part of that..

she is happy (pastor’s wife) that I want to mingle with people that aren’t like me…she says the people who I think are most different are actually similar to me…going thru the same trials and etc.

who knows? maybe ill be uncomFORTable because lol maybe the new group i can identify as problematic because they are like always talking about their problems when sometimes I have a “reserved” side, part of me


I hereby give myself permission to forgive myself #mooddisorder


It’s ending the two discipleships I have been starting. It’s my last day. Man this past month has been shitty

music in my ipod

I kno some of the process of sanctification includes deleting music from my ipod….but imam kinda cringing as I do this…but oh I love God oh soooooo much (:

prioritizing bet. college academia and church activities

*Its imp to be involved in community
how does church affect the significants of events in school
-how does being a faithful student where God placed me in. (i.e. should i or should i not take advantage of the education)
- doing well for his glory is GOOD (which means by being diligent, etc)

my insight

God has gave me insight that there are always going to be more beautiful girls than me, and THAT’S OK, seriously!!!!!!! It’s inside that matters the most :) kk?

gave my testimony last wk

but its incomplete


it kinda sucks that i have a unrequited crush, but I feel like i could like grow from this…...i mean hey at least he doesn’t know how to deal w/ moment of insecurity, for instance, when i’m insecure I could detect it (like how i was w/ my guy friend but i thought i witnessed from the corner of my eye how he was whispering to this girl how this guy friend of mine was a not so bright person and very trusting) and I took offense to that (i didn’t need that)but now I know its because I do not and I could just hold my head up high instead of letting my amgydala (emotions) get in the way. Beautiful flower reminded me of this…being a leader and be value-centered instead of emotionally-centered

citation: India Arie. “Counting crows” Testimony: Vol 2; love and politics

then if u need help, press the link of chatting w/ a new coach and it gives u a new link to another site :)


“No matter how big you pain is, God’s love is bigger” ~notwdotcom

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