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teach my son to swim

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Teach Your Child to Swim     Swim lessons for children 6 month- 14 years in the South Riding area!

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Lessons finished

We have finished our lesson. Now we are planning on doing things that mean going in the water – like a play date at Waterland.

2nd lesson

I took him to his lesson today – it’s not so much swimming lessons as water awareness and confidence in the water. He is too young to support himself in the pool yet so we have to just work on the happy water baby stuff.

1st lesson done

Unfortunately I was suffereing stomach cramps on Saturday so my husband took him for his first lesson. Apparently he loved it and was singled out to be an example several times during the lesson. Since we have had in a pool 3 times and he loves it, even when he goes under briefly. He has no fear of water and will happily climb in to a pool, gets a little scared when he goes past the point where his feet touch the bottom, but as long as he can feel someone holding on to him he is ok.
We are well on our way to a natural swimmer I think.

Paid and waiting

Booked Logan in for his lessons start on December 23rd 2006.
He loves the water and we are going to the waterland pools next weekend, but I want him to learn to swim

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