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kick the economic crisis in the canoogies by doing at least one NEW AND FULFILLING (and quite possibly thrifty and frugal) thing in April, May, and June!

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May(some more)
1. I started summer classes. Not exactly fun, but I ended up with an A- in my Political Science class, and I’m done with it!
2. I went to my parent’s new house, which is a four hour drive from school. I didn’t get lost, which is quite a feat for me.

1. I drove in Atlanta. It was nerve racking, but I’m glad I did it. I’ve actually done it twice since then, and I’m not afraid anymore.
2. I went to visit my friend at Georgia Tech (hence the driving in Atlanta). I hadn’t seen her since Christmas and it was the first time I had seen another friend since graduation the previous year.
3. I bought a Slice
Now this normally wouldn’t be frugal, but I saved 50 dollars on it because I got it on ebay.
4. I sold movies I don’t watch to Movie Stop and ended up getting 4 new ones that I like more than all the others combined.


I haven’t had time to write anything up lately because of finals, but now that this semester is over, I thought it would be good idea to do it now. I hope I can remember everything

1. I bought a Wii! I’ve wanted one for about a year now, so I finally took the plunge. I ordered it on ebay and ended up getting it cheaper than if I got it anywhere else. I only have 2 games so far, but it is a lot of fun.
2. I actually got to wear my rain boots, which allowed me to walk around campus and a) not get my feet wet, or b)fall and break my ankle. I never enjoyed the rain, now I can, and even jump in puddles.
3. I went to St. Simons! The trip ended up being free because we stayed with the family of one of my friends. Her parents cooked for us, so we ended up not having to worry about food. While we were there I finished Redeeming Love, which is a wonderful Christian Fiction book. I have never read anything like that before, so I guess that could count for a fourth thing too.

1. I finished my first year in college- Grades aren’t up yet, but I think I will still have Hope, which was on my list of 101 thing in 1001 days. It will be very close, like a 3.0 exactly, but it doesn’t matter. I think I can pull it up this summer and in the fall though because my classes aren’t going to be that hard I don’t think.

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