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Home Gym

We bought a Total Gym, used, and found it was missing a key part or two. We’ve now ordered the missing parts, and that should be up and running within a week or so.

We also have a rowing machine now. It is in a box. But it is in the house. We need a wireless repeater so we can watch internet TV in the basement gym. We also need a dehumidifier down there. But it is closer to working, so there is that.

I’m thinking that we need a stepper and an exercise bike so we can sell memberships to our 14 neighbors. :-)


In my new living space we have a room that is too small to use for most things so it is becoming a gym. It will have a treadmill, rowing machine, and a Wii. This in addition to other specialized exercise equipment we already have.

Maybe an exercise bike if we can find a good one, but most likely not the one we own now.


Working on trying to get my hip to stop hurting when I ride the exercise bike. This is a new challenge—before my appendix surgery I was riding easily for 45+ minutes at a stretch, but ever since the surgery I am having real trouble maintaining time on the bike due to foot and hip pain; it is not clear what changed. A real head scratcher.


Nothing like planning a visit to a nude resort to motivate getting back into exercise and eating right!

Bare Minimum

This week I would like to get at least two miles at least four times by Friday.

A Start...

This past week, I have managed to walk at least one mile every day, and more than two most days. With only one exception. This will be easy to maintain until Wednesday at least.

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