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work with a team of people to accomplish a goal

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Sometimes it's hard but it can be really fun.

It depends upon the group of people. If they get along and are focused, it can be really good fun. If not, well, we’ve all had that experience.

For me the challenge was to let other people be in charge. I am used to doing things by myself and it took time to let others direct the activities.

I overlooked the obvious.

I do this at work and I hadn’t really thought about it. I was looking for this in my social life instead of at work. In a sense, this has been sccomplished.

A small success

but a group of us hosted a potluck at work. It was fun and a lot of people worked to make it happen. So I can say that I did work with a team of people on this.

What’s next? I work with teams at work but we don’t often accomplish things…

Another Life Skill

knowing how to accomplish goals by working with a group of people is important. I find this especially difficult as I prefer to work on my own. And it’s almost impossible if I don’t like some of the people in the group.

Any suggestions?

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