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go on a vision quest

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I know where I want to go

and how I want to travel. For me this is not just sitting on a mountaintop for 4 days until I start seeing visions, it’s about travelling by myself through the desert (or some remote area), without being around other people. I guess what I am looking for is an internal vision – to see inside myself and learn more about who I am.

I watched a great movie on Sunday.

It fit in with this goal. I was so inspired I just wanted to load up my possesions and take off. Work and responsibilities are dragging me down. I need to do something that energizes me instead of draining me. Nature, I need nature.

I have an idea of where I want to go.

I’d like to take a mountain bike trip around the four corners area. This way I could take in all the important mountains in the area and also include some important cultural areas into the quest. The problem is how long I would need to go on such a trip. I would guess at least a month to do it right. I would have to plan out a tentative route, determine how many miles and how much elevation it includes and then see about how much food I would need to take with me.

I can certainly take the trip, the question is when.

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