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Crap, crap, crap!!!!

I guess I will literally get to work on this goal VERY SOON (ughh!!!) since I have to take a Business Communication class that has an oral presentation as part of my grade. Yikes! I dread that more than anyone can imagine. It’s silly really, yet for some reason I just don’t want people focusing on me or having to talk in front of everyone. I know it is something that I wish I could do more comfortably so I guess that having to do it can only help, right? I can’t even pinpoint why talking in front of people is so terrifying for me but it is. I need tons of help and am seriously considering having a shot or five before class, but then I may stumble, belch, smell like booze, or worse, jump up on the podium and start dancing or something very ridiculous like that. Well at least I’d be entertaining in some small way anyhow! April 30th for a mere 5 minutes or so, yet it will creep to the front of my mind many times a day until then! This sucks…

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