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Always accept what is

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too much drama

I have so many needy people in my life who flip out over the most unworthy things. Why get all bent out of shape? It is what it is. It’ll be ok. Chill out.

makes sense

“sometimes when you really like someone your not meant to be lovers, your meant to be freinds”


I’m not really sure what to think, or even if I’m just over thinking it all. I tell people I don’t really care and it isn’t something I really think about. I wish this were true.

I am so good at making people I’m not interested in think I’m interested and people I am interested in think I’m not. Then again I am also really good at choosing the very wrong person to be interested in and attracting in return the other type of very wrong.

and this is why i don’t date. why it’s on my mind so much lately i do not know.

my job is

crazy. People can be rude, and disrespectful. But there is nothing I can do but smile at them, and say “I hope your day gets better!” or “Well I hope you have some luck!” And when these gosh darn pool players leave my hours will be normal again and the crowds of bunches of rudeness will be gone! So I should just smile and remember that it is just a job and in the end i will pay my bills buy myself food, and life will go on ;p

For every jacka** i deal with today perhaps there will be a nice person I will meet tomorrow.

it sucks.

that’s that. but nothing i can do about it. i would like to know why it keeps happening to me. but guess that is just the way it has to be. worse things happen and i am still very grateful for all the good in my life regardless of just one thing that doesn’t ever go the way i had hoped. i will get over it. in this second though, i ask “why every time? why not just once in my favor?” :-/

oh my dear

so i remind myself that relationships are more important then money, and i should lighten up.

times to accept, and others to change

I’ve been thinking about what it means to just accept what is in my life. Things I have to accept, like my brothers behavior because I can’t change it. Then there are things that I can change, when I have trouble accepting them. If I go through the process of trying to change things about myself, am I failing on accepting what is?

nah, I don’t think so. Because I only want to change the things that make me feel sad. Like the antisocial part of me. The safe side, that takes less chances. There are things I’m accepting about myself too. But maybe there’s more of what I’m not then what I am…

it is what it is

so I might as well stop crying over it. or feeling anxious about it. Or mooping around because of it. Concentrate on other things in this same moment and just be happy to have a destraction.

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