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15. New York

I can’t believe I forgot to mention NY. I went to NYC in high school and fell in love. Just knew I’d live there one day. My cousin lives there now; so I just live vicariously through him.

14. Texas

My dad used to live here, so I have been several times. We went to Galvaston in the summers. He lived in Houston and hated it, so I never really liked it either. I do love Dallas though.

13. kentucky

I’ve never been as pleasantly surprised with anyplace as I was with Kentucky. The part I went through was probably the most beautiful country I’ve seen ever.

12. Florida

I love Florida. The ocean is my favorite place in the world, and Disney World is the ultimate place to take children. Not just because they enjoy it so much, but because it’s so child friendly that you don’t feel stressed out. If your kid is loud in a restaurant or makes a huge mess, they really make you feel like it’s fine. In fact, the bigger mess your kid makes, the happier they appear. They all deserve oscars but it makes a great vacation for a mom.

11. Georgia

We just got back from a trip to Atlanta. It was a short trip and we didn’t see a lot. There was a small town north of Atlanta called Marietta. I could live there.


We only drove through, but we saw the Grand Canyon and the Painted desert. And that huge meteor crator. Very unusual beauty in Arizona.


My brother-in-law and his family live there. It’s beautiful in the fall. The most amazing colors and without the horrible accent you have in New Hampshire.

8. New Hampshire

My husband is from New Hampshire. It’s too cold for me there and we rarely go for winter holidays. In the summer it’s nice though and I can surely see why people live there.

7. Alabama

My aunt lives here. I go see her when I can. She lives in a very backwards town complete with confederate flags. She hates it there and I am not fond of her town either. But, go further south and you have the spanish moss and that deep south feel. I love that.

6. Virginia

My dad lives here. He lives on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Gorgeous and just very secluded and peaceful. Going to see him is like going on a little retreat.

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