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Date set for Sunday

And I think after that I’ll call this goal done. It’s a lifelong goal, but I don’t like to clutter my list with ongoing projects, rather I focus on current efforts.

Just taught a very successful workshop

at GearCon on making steampunk Christmas ornaments. I loved it! Lots of people gamely tried new things, some even who barely do any crafting. A couple of guys did some amazing things with wire and bits of metal: one awesome snowman made of washers and wire, complete with a jaunty “carrot” nose made of a bit of copper wire, and one really amazing snowflake made of keys, with gorgeous brass and copper wire work on top.

I think one factor is that when you are at a workshop using other peoples’ materials you are greedy and try to use as much good stuff as you can, where when you are at home, you are stingy to save the good stuff out. Perhaps I need to be more greedy and use the good stuff more generously.

Next date set

actually before the first one came off, I just didn’t remember to post it.
Depending on the weather we may or may not sit in my un-airconditioned house and craft. If it continues to be super hot, we will do something else.

Success! Crafting with the neighbor!

It was a short visit as it’s a million degrees and her craft space is in the attic. But it was helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of and I got unstuck on the belt problem that’s had me beat for days now. And as she said, it broke the ice, so now we’ll do it again.

Second craft date set

with my neighbor. Don’t know if we’ll pull it off; I’ve never tried to schedule something with her before, though we’ve talked about doing art together for months.

Off to a good start

So I have cleverly started planning craft get togethers with my one friend who always shows up, so that I can invite others but I still have a successful day if nobody else shows up.

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