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Indian motive room with golden tapestry

One of our projects earlier this year included putting tapestry in a Indian culture stylized room. The material chosen by the architect had a beautiful golden color.

Even molding on the walls was elephant shaped.

The final effect was really nice, depending on light and daytime the colors of tapestry change.

Here is how the tapestry looks in artificial light:

Floral tapestry in a room

Here are some pictures of one of our recent works – the tapestry with baskets of flowers.

Main colors of this fabric are red, green and yellow. The material imported from Italy is pretty and looks different depending on where we stand currently in the room.

Again, the pictures don’t show the final state, I took them when we were still working there.

Antique House in M.

We started our newest project in M. in November. This is a huge private mansion and we have a lot of work there. I think we’re going to spend there several months more with some breaks. Of course our job is to put tapestry in some rooms. Every room is designed with a different material on the wall, all fabrics came from Italy. We have already finished two rooms and moved to the next ones. Here are some photos of room number one, which is the guest room (no furniture yet):

The material is in a beautiful blue color with flowers and animals motif – here is a part of it:

A picture from our work – Antique house’s team at work ;)

Working on a detail, the room is almost ready!

The final effect:

Keep calm...

Re-opening this goal

Our family business has been undergoing a series of failures that caused us giving it up. We were all feeling pretty despondent about it for a while. My brother-in-law found a job, my father went back to his old orders and I am an employee (from yesterday). But maybe I am giving it up too early? Some positive changes have happened that look promising. First we managed to contact a lawyer and maybe we’ll be able to get back our money. Secondly – there are some things to do, some orders that are a little postponed in time but they are still there. And thirdly – a new contact appeared, new company that may be able to help up take off. Maybe this is too optimistic but at least this is something. Finally I can see something positive. Now we have to wait and believe we will succeed.

January 2012

This month we work in Oława, a town in Poland, and we put a tapestry in town hall. We have 2 rooms here: mayor office and a large hall. I love this job and I wish we could do it more, but there is a problem with finding places that need tapestry so this kind of business is rather unprofitable unfortunately. I wonder if we could do it abroad but I have no idea how to find out where we could work and our website is still not available in english.

A web site

So the web site is finally launched. I am happy and I hope this will help somehow with our business. Just for now we do not have an english version (money, money). Here is the link:


It is difficult to start a new business because it takes a lot of preparations and time and money. So at the beginning we have to invest a lot but we cannot see any profits yet, of course I am optimistic and believe it is a matter of time and we gain a lot. This year we have already 3 orders – and I firmly believe it is just the beginning.We started our business plans in January 2011, so just 3 months have passed and we are creating our website, contacting people who might work with us and I hope everything will take off beautifully.

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