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Found some inspiration!

All right, here was the situation, it’s another rockin’ Friday night in the life of me, I’m cramming for midterms that start on Monday. I hit a wall, I just don’t feel the energy and nothing going in. I decide to take a break. I notice that in my recent downloads I have the movie The Bucket List. I was actually trying not to watch it as I was hoping to watch it with someone, but, I can’t resist so I double click and off we go. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t one of those handy cam specials, someone had ripped a screener so the quality was excellent. I really like these movies, sometimes I get lost in my daily life, and I lose sight of what life should really be about. Yes, what I do daily helps bring me towards my life goals, but I think sometimes it’s good to step back a bit, and enjoy those little moments which really make life what it’s all about. So, I watch this movie, and it’s funny, and I do feel inspired by what the characters are doing, a few were even on my list, skydiving, The Great Wall, The Pyramids, climb a mountain. But, the really inspirational moment came when Carter (Morgan Freeman) is being cared for in the hospital by his wife and he asks her for water. She says she can’t give him that but she can give him these lemon swabs. Almost a year ago, I was in pretty much the same situation. I had an uncle that lived with us pretty much for the duration of my youth, so he was about as close to a third parent as I could have. He was suffering from heart failure, so some of us went to the Philippines to help care for him. Unfortunately he reached a point where he was on a ventilator and could no longer drink water, and we were forced to resort to the aforementioned lemon swabs. A funny, well, more sad I think, thing about that, is that he would always ask for me to swab his lips, and I would, and he would suck on the swab because he was so thirsty. I would pull the swab away because when he did that, it would cause phlegm to build up in his lungs because of the ventilator tube in there. He would look so sad when I pulled it away, and I hate to say it, but I almost felt upset that he kept doing that. Of course, I only wanted my uncle to get better, but really, I guess if I had known how bad the situation actually was, maybe I would have. To this day I hate myself a bit for that, even towards the end, I found myself getting physically exhausted, and not being as patient as I could have been. This uncle of mine had been very supportive of my educational endeavours, something that almost brings me to tears when I think about it is that when he was told that he wouldn’t be able to fly back to Canada anymore, the only thing he said that he would regret was that he wouldn’t be able to see me graduate. Wow, makes you wonder how I can’t get inspired to study huh? I guess another thing I need to do is learn to find my inspiration. I have so many reasons to be doing all I can to make the most of my life, but you’d be amazed at how often I lose sight of them. After the movie, I decided that it was time to knock at least one extra thing off my list right after exams, so skydiving was it, I was really thinking of going for Pyramids or Wall, but one of the resources I’m low on in the next little bit is time. Hey, we have to be practical sometimes too :). I know some people who have done this before, and seeing as they’re all still alive, the places they went can’t be all that bad right? :) I’ll post to how it goes.


I’d like to skydive, because I think it’s an experience that can help us confront our own mortality. Yes, it is a rush, and no, not everyone returns profoundly changed and lives every moment to the fullest. I’m not expecting wonders, but I expect to have fun (if you don’t get a rush falling out of an airplane, your life is either way to crazy for your own good, or you’re dead) and I also expect to contemplate some things a bit more deeply. I’m am not ready to die, partially because of things I still want to do, but mainly because of things I haven’t said. So why do I need to jump out of a plane and convince myself that I’m going to die to say a few words. I realize that I take life for granted, and I feel powerless to change it. Am I weak, yes, but do I have the strength within, absolutely, I think we all do, it just needs a little cojoling sometimes, how about a fall from 5000 ft? I take for granted that tomorrow will always be there, and it will be the same as this wonderful day has been as everyday is blessed when you have good family and friends. But I know one day it will be very different, and despite our best efforts, the refraction of high frequency EM waves hasn’t enabled us to travel back in time, so you can’t go back, I can’t go back. I’ve been there before in less extreme cases, it was hard, but I got through, but one day I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it. You know what, maybe I don’t really want to jump out of a plane (no, I still do), but there are some other things…...


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