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Maintain my existing friendships and make new ones as well

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Amber has written 3 entries about this goal

Hung out with my best friend last night

We ate Vietnamese food at Van Loc’s and then went back to her house, drank margaritas and hung out and talked. She’s really the only person I can have these long, winding conversations with about what I want to do, where I want to be, etc. Aside from our husbands, we are the only other people who understand, truly understand where the other one is coming from. Ah, I love good friends and awesome conversations! The margaritas were good, too. :o)

I talked to my good friend

that lives in Brandon, MB. I wish I could afford to go up and visit her! We met last year and went to the Minnesota State Fair together and saw Great Big Sea play there. sigh Good times, those. Gotta get up there to see her, or her down here to see me!

I need to strive to be...

a better friend to my existing friends, and be there when I say I’m going to. That is part of my goal. The other half is actually just as difficult for me. For some reason I don’t make friends that easily. Those people that truly are my friends, are very sacred to me. Being an only child, they are like an extension of my family.

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