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grow my hair long

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I can’t believe my last entry for this goal was over a year ago now. Crazy. I’m actually going in for a haircut tomorrow. Just a trim though. Got some bad split ends. Eww. I feel like my hair hasn’t really been growing because of the split ends. Bah. My hair is about 6-8 inches long from my shoulders down. Sweet. I’ll have to take pictures soon and post them. Not sure when I’ll mark this completed. Still feel like I’ve got more growing to do. Funny how in my last entry, it was basically the same. Me, complaining about my split ends and what not. haha.

Doing pretty good.

I normally end up getting a haircut in the summer because the long hair makes me too hot. Well, I didn’t this year. It’s pretty long so far for me. It’s past my shoulders by uh.. 5 inches maybe. I really need to get a trim though. Split ends are bad and plus it’s better for your hair to get frequent trims rather than growing it out and then going in for a trim where they’ll end up taking off WAY more than you want. Anyways, I think probably by next summer it should be long enough to mark this goal complete, but hopefully I will keep on growing it out. I’ve always really loved really long hair. It’s so pretty.

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