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HCG Round 2


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TOM is coming and I’m cheating way too much this round making my losses crawl. I think I’m consuming too much artificial sweeteners. I’m going to replace my calorie free dressings with ACV and start drinking green tea instead of diet sodas. I also have been weighing my meet after it was cooked and then going back for a little extra too. :(Also been having a (sugarfree) nightcap or 4. I’m really stressed at work right now and that takes the edge off my tension which is only increased by pms. Can’t wait for TOM to be over. I’m gonna eat super clean today and on protocol and see if I get a good result tomorrow. 158.2-157. is what I would call a good result.

I'm on VLCD 2

I’m still losing some load weight plus the 2 pounds I put on last week on my vacation.

CW 162.8
Load Day Weight: 165 lbs
I need to go to the store and get food.
My goal for this round (a shorter round than last time) is 145 lbs. I would do a long one again, but I have to go to florida the first week in august for my best friend’s wedding.

My goal for tomorrow is 161.8
My goal for Monday is to be in the 150s


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