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be a great friend

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ambytbfl88 has written 7 entries about this goal

the hard part of friendship

I’m very independent and sometimes, straight up antisocial. Last night, a friend wanted me to come visit her because she was having a stressful day. I wanted to blow her off, but I went anyway and I’m really glad I did because I enjoyed it once I was there, and it felt good to be there for a friend.


Now that I’m married, I have lots of people who want to be friends and are asking me to hang out on a regular basis. I have fun when I do it, but I find myself coming up with reasons not to go, or answer the call or text. But I’m getting used to it :) Feeling more confident!

this is so hard

sometimes I feel like people just hate me (even if its not true…)


My poor friend, that I’d like to be closer to, got hurt in a bike accident yesterday. She’s back home. I’m going to take her flowers and a box of staples (as a joke bc she got staples in her head) to make her laugh. I would love it if someone did that for me if I got hurt! :D please pray for her that she doesn’t miss too much work and makes a speedy recovery


A friend from this summer wants me to be her accountability partner!
I want to take this seriously. I’m her armor-bearer and this is a huge privilege. I hope this relationship is an opportunity for both of us to grow. I want to be a true example to a girl who is slightly younger than me but looking for guidance on issues I’ve been through myself. Hopefully, this will be a great opportunity for me to be a friend.

To succeed I should:
1. Pray for her often!
2. Keep in contact with her online
3. Talk to her on the phone
4. Visit her in person
5. be there when she needs me
6. give her wise, biblical counsel
7. do thoughtful things for her
8. Love her!


my only friend is moving away. I spent a lot of time being a friend to her, but now I don’t have any close friends on campus
I’m so busy, how could I make new ones?
Please somebody talk me thru this, or I’m gonna just take more hours at work during the time we used to hang out.

I really want to start working on this

I’ve had it on my list forever, but I want to make it count!
Any tips on actively being a great friend?

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