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Just a little update

My decision: Japanese and Chinese. So this is going to be a hard semester… especially since my finals (all 4 of them) are located within a period of 6 days. xD


One year in and I can’t believe how fast time goes. I’ve made so many friends both Swedish, studying Japanese, and Japanese. It’s been a great year but right now I’m at a crossroads.

My reason for learning Japanese except that I love the language was so that I could start a diplomacy programme. Turns out that they didn’t have Japanese in the entrance exams for 2011 (but they did in 2010). This year I applied for Chinese classes, and got accepted. But now I don’t know if I should stick with Japanese, switch to Chinese (to be able to join the diplomacy programme) or try to study them both at the same time. decisions (>~< )

Although first things first, I have an exam coming up in 11 days. x’P

Japanese II

Japanese II starts in a week. I’m gonna go buy the books today. :D Can’t wait!

Japanese I, completed.

I completed my first Japanese course last week. I got a D (ECTS)(US: C+ to B-) on my finals and a C (ECTS)(US: B (3.0)) as a grade on the course. :D Japanese II here I come!


Had an exam a few weeks ago, which I aced. Finals are coming up… nervous! でも、毎日日本語をべんきょうしています。がんばってね!

1st year

Started my first year of Japanese @ Stockholm U. last month. Loving it so far!

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