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amentiturtle in Austin is doing 18 things including…

Daily: Reflect on at least 5 things for which I'm grateful (Happiness Manifesto #2)

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Today, 3.14.07 I'm grateful
  • i was able to pull myself out of my self-isolating mood and go visit my grandmother, mom and sister with the puppy this evening.
  • my grandmother got bumped way up the waiting list for an assisted living home very close by, and can move in asap.
  • i got a certificate for 4 hours of paid time off today at work, in recognition of my ‘hard work and positive attitude.’ and i can apply it to the time i took off for the funeral on monday, or save it for another day.
  • last week, i was able to hear our mayor give a speech on the climate protection plan he has implemented, and recorded it to listen to again (like today during work.)
  • i live in a town that is actively trying to protect our mother earth
  • my renewed focus on my health and well-being
  • synchronicity: i stumbled upon this link today and was reminded of my own goal

This last week I have been grateful

for my partner and his strength and support during this last week

for the glorious storm that washed away the dusty edges and hopefully encouraged a little more green to the surface

that the storms stopped yesterday and our 6 hour drive (roundtrip) was dry and safe

that my great-aunt saw her 90th birthday and was surrounded by friends and family as she passed through the veil

that her life was full of love, art, music, travel and friendship, and she took advantage of every opportunity to grow

that my family managed to behave nicely together at the funeral, hopefully when all is said and done, i can be grateful that they behave through the coming legal and estate issues

that i slept well for the first time this week and woke up early enough to enjoy tea and breakfast

that i was able to be there for a friend in need on the phone last night

for the beautiful pictures i had printed of our furry babies for their grandmothers, and the delight and when i gave my mom and grandmother some of the pictures after the funeral yesterday

For the last week, I'm grateful that
  • Thursday was the last week of our client’s ‘Month.’ so now we have a few quiet days before their customers get their monthly reports and start calling us.
  • Despite my physical and mental blah-ness this last week, I made it into work and put in a full 40 hours.
  • I no longer smoke, and even though I’ve been having momentary cravings, I can recite a list of all the things I’m grateful for and the crave turns to loath. I’ve had much fewer respiratory issues. I’ve needed less allergy/sinus medication. I can smell and taste so much more. My hair, clothes and skin smell clean. etc.
  • All the “first walks” I get to take with my puppy. The first walk in this part of the complex, at this time of day, meeting this or that neighbor and their dogs, etc. It is all brand new to him, and seeing thru his eyes is the ultimate “Now” experience.
  • My best-friend is on her way over for some Texas style cooking lessons before she heads to Florida. BBQ and Texmex are on the menu.
  • Thanks to my wonderful partner, I was able to sleep for 10+ hours last night. The only interruption I remember was just him coming to bed, and he was quiet as could be.
  • I’ve been using my pocket notebook to record my grats through out the day. (My not smoking list took 3 little pages.)


The last few days I’ve been grateful for:

  • coworkers who give my rides home when my partner needs to borrow my car
  • emails from 2 good friends that i haven’t heard from in a while
  • plans for coffee or lunch this weekend with one of them to catch up
  • my parents generosity
  • managing to continue to avoid this ugly disease (cold) going around
  • aveda hand lotion that makes my chapped hands feel so good
  • my partners support
  • discovering our newest favorite place to eat, a little korean barbeque place that is within walking distance and also delivers
  • valentine’s day spent together at home doing our favorite things
  • not having a migraine this week
  • having plenty of hand made warm scarves to wear this cold week
  • knowing how to make said scarves
  • stress free job, even if it isn’t exactly what i want to be doing with the rest of my life, it will help me heal and get to where i want to go
  • girl scout cookies, and the cuties that sell them
  • 24 hours of no computer time (besides at work, and then only for work itself) that turned out to be easier than i thought
  • homeopathic remedies to supplement my medications
  • meditating every day this week, even though i fell asleep during one session, obviously i needed the rest
  • and again, still i’m grateful for my email box full of gratitude
  • which means i’m grateful for every one of you guys!



Today (and yesterday, maybe even saturday) I am grateful for:

  • my little boy’s first check up with the vet, all good things, he is healthy, and happy, and a hefty 2.8 pounds. he charmed all the vet techs, and got new toys to boot.
  • my partner letting me nap, keeping the animals quiet, and the tv down this evening, since my adorable little one isn’t so adorable (or quiet) at 5:40 am.
  • new responsibilities at work, and being praised for them.
  • my partner, with his wonderful sense of humor and loving nature.
  • remembering to take my medicine every twelve hours today, and avoiding a major migraine. i’m even thankful for the headache i had, because it could have been worse, but i listened to it and took a nap.
  • hot tea, cocoa, yummy juices, sparkling water and still water that get me through my days. i used to get by on a soda and a cigarette, but now i do something healthy and yummy.
  • taking the time to peel and juice real key limes, for the yummy bars i made yesterday, even though i stained my fingers. there is a reason they call it ‘lime green.’
  • i was able to put money in my savings account this week, and should be able to put a lot more in next week with the overtime I am working.
  • super cheesy zombie movies like ‘Land of the Dead’ that we watched tonight and made fun of the whole time.
  • silliness at work when our server goes down.
  • my bed, which I am about to spend some quality time with.

goodnight all!


On this day, I’m grateful for:

  • I know I’ve used this one before, but again today I was marveling at the fact that my mp3 player is such a source of nourishment during my days. I’ve been downloading podcasts from sites like and with their interviews of various researchers, authors, artists and healers challenging my mind. And bringing peace into my day. npr and bbc with various news programs, etc
  • The mayor coming out with the Austin Climate Protection Plan
  • My partner posting a long blog about his own paradigm shift that is happening.
  • My big, wait I mean “fluffy” cat pushing my keyboard out of his way to get in my lap, even if he is making it impossible to type by laying on my hand, and randomly pressing keys.
  • All the gratitudes I notice throughout the day even if I can’t remember them all when I sit to type them out


Today I’m grateful for:

  • that amazing feeling of being on the brink of some new paradigm, my heart, soul, and mind are slowly clicking into some sort of alignment, while i know the general direction, i’m just going to sit back and not try to steer the boat. i will get there at the right time
  • earl gray tea with the bergamot essential oil to help me keep going despite my headache
  • a positive praise email at work forwarded up 2 levels
  • the medication which regulates my neurochemicals, and the fact that i realized i need to keep taking it
  • my mom calling me today to ask about her ‘grandson’(puppy)
  • my partner cleaning the kitchen, cooking dinner with me, and offering me support and comfort
  • and finally, perhaps most importantly, i’m grateful for hospice care being available in our society, giving us the opportunity to honor loved ones in their final journey


Today, I’m grateful for:
- silly number puzzles i see every where
- audio books, podcasts and npr which gets me through my day
- my partner taking me to imax last night
- my growing pupper is finally old enough to get his shots so we can go for walks in the big bad germy world
- my morning routine that is almost perfect
- daylight staying longer and longer so i’m not driving home in the dark
- coming home to my email box full of gratitude

Gratitude Quote

“Feeling grateful to or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life.”
~Christiane Northrup, M.D.

2.4.07 Gratitudes

*being invited to join this team
*my migraine finally breaking at 6 am
*my mom offering to help me with medication until i can get back to the doctor
*watching my animals play
*spending all day with my partner

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