Cynthia Leigh in New Orleans is doing 43 things including…

Write a Manga


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Cynthia Leigh has written 4 entries about this goal


I’d written most of the story in screen writing format, but now I can’t find it. It might still be on the Hard drive of an old laptop, but I’ll have to get conversion kit to pull it up.

I do still have all the other materials, and I’ve found a way to get an artist to get me started.

Almost there!

I just finished an adv. screenwriting class where I made my project my manga. I’ve done a treatment, character description, synopsis, and I’ve even written the entire story!!! I’m now in revisions and I’m looking to make some interesting additions to the story before converting it into ‘comic book’ format on .celtx and sending it to a small publisher in the UK who seems like the best fit for my work!

On hold...

I haven’t had any luck finding the kind of artist I want to draw my pitch to Tokyopop, so I’m going to see about converting my stories into short stores, selling them to magazines/etc, and then publishing them in a novel-format. Maybe then I’ll be able to convert them back into manga form, and pitch them to Tokyopop. LOL

Working on it...

I’m currently working on a proposal for Tokyopop that I should have finished in the next 2 weeks.


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