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Lose 20 pounds

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This goal has been here forever. I really want to make progress on it now. My heart just hasn’t been into it in the past, even though it’s something I really want so I can feel more comfortable. I KNOW I can do it.

I have signed up on for four different diet bet games. If you haven’t seen that website, check it out. I think I’ll be more apt to lose weight because money is on the line.

I’m also going to pay myself $1 for each workout I do. I can spend the $ as I please. Can you tell I’m motivated by money?

12 lbs left

I’m almost halfway there! I was thinking about it today, and realizing how far I’ve come. I could look at my body and honestly be really happy with myself as I am. I am beautiful. :) I realize that I won’t necessarily be a happier person at 130, but I think I will be less stressed out and more comfortable. That’s all I really want. Feeling appreciative for the body I have right now though.


Oh my gosh…. I don’t know what to say! Losing these 14 pounds was a result of deliberate shifts in my lifestyle :) I walk everywhere, try to pack my lunch so I can control what I eat, and I’m going to start adding in more exercise than I have (I haven’t done a lot besides walk 2 miles a day).
So excited though!! Make shifts, and the rest will follow. Going to be really regimented and try to lose the last 6 pounds. I can put on my Rock & Republic jeans almost!!! WOOOOHOOO that you?!

So I had been hovering mainly around 150 for quite some time..and was getting frustrated! I decided to amp up my water drinking, because I remembered how good it made me feel! This combined with “healthy” foods is actually doing something! I weighed myself today and think they scale might be lying…
it’s such a good feeling to make it work (way better than all the chips, chocolate, cake in the world)

carry on all!

I know that...

it seems like putting this goal at the top of my list makes me seem superficial. It frustrates me too that I’m giving weight a lot of power in my life.
I know that getting down 20 lbs will be enough, more than enough and that is where it will end. I just want to feel good about myself, and for better or worse this is one little piece of that. when I lose 20 pounds, I will feel proud of myself, and I will be in a healthier place. There are serious health issues on both sides of my family, and getting my weight in check through exercise and a healthy diet will help me veer away from these patterns (and hopefully set a good example for the rest of my family)

Goal Numero Uno

I think that this goal needs to be given more attention on my part. My theory is that as soon as I work on this, and start to do better…that all of my other goals will fall into place. My weight restrains me from enjoying myself. I realize right now that my weight is not TOO high, but it’s to the point where I don’t fit in my favorite clothes, and I don’t feel good. I can’t be open to love… I can’t ever feel comfortable in my clothes… It’s a disaster! I’m self-sabotaging left and right. Dramatic yes, but I’ve pinpointed it, and I would feel so much better shedding a little bit of this burden.

In addition, cutting back on food will save me a TON of money. Yes!

147 lbs

I think that I’m in the right mindset to take this on. My main issues are that my clothes no longer fit, and the “lose weight because you don’t think you’re pretty” noise is always in the back of my mind. I know that if I lose 20 pounds I will still have problems, but it will certainly remove clutter from my mind about what’s wrong with me, and make me more comfortable in my skin.

Beginning now! :)

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