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FAQ in Atlanta is doing 21 things including…

get out of debt

13 cheers has written 10 entries about this goal

Paid one off

So that makes two more to pay off before the end of the year for my 2010 resolution. Maybe I can even make it more than three before 2011.

Three down

We just paid off three cards. They were fairly small, but it’s still nice to be rid of them. We also got our taxes done last week, so we’ll use some of that money to pay on another card or two.

Another one down

I sent the payment for another card to be paid off. Pretty soon we’ll be down to just the bigger ones and then just the big one. That’ll be awesome.


David and I sat down the other night and calculated how much money we each make each month and how much money we spend (just bills and food). We were pretty surprised how many bills we have. We weren’t really surprised, but food eats up a lot of our money, because we eat out a lot.

We’ve been trying to do better, but this really helped motivate us. We have a new plan to not spend as much and to get rid of these credit cards as quickly as we can. The one good thing about the credit cards is that we don’t use them anymore. We’re still paying them off, but we rarely charge anything on them, so if we get them paid off, we’ll be great!

I paid off two this past weekend and transferred some savings to pay off another small one.

Just paid some bills

and now American Eagle and Gap all paid off. So, that’s 2 down, and a few more to go.

I'm just going to do it

I’ve been avoiding making this list, because I didn’t want to look like the insane person who has 7,000 credit cards, but whatever…I don’t care. I’m going to make my list so I can mark them off.

  • American Eagle
  • Bank of America
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Chase
  • Citibank
  • Gap
  • Victoria’s Secret

The only one that really bothers me is Bank of America, because it’s got all the hospital and doctor bills, which means it’s a pretty large chunk. As for the rest, I hope to pay off about one or two a month. Then I can focus on just Bank of America.

I feel confident about my plan, so I’m happy.

Lowes paid off

We recently put about $350 on our Lowes card for house stuff, but we sold quite a few things on eBay to pay for things we bought. I transferred the money out of Paypal, and then to the Lowes card. I paid it off before it ever accrued any interest charges, which I’m very happy about.

We actually have a little bit of extra money these days, so I’ve got to make myself send some of it away to those credit card people. I always pay at least a little bit extra than the minimum payment, but I’m trying to pay even bigger chunks now.

My current goal for this goal is to pay off my Gap, American Eagle, and Victoria’s Secret cards. There really isn’t too much on them, maybe a hundred or two a piece (except VS, which is more like 3 or 4). This shouldn’t take me too long. I like trying to focus on smaller pieces of this goal, so I can feel like I’m accomplishing something now, since this will take a while to finish completely.

One card gone!

Our Chase card now has a zero balance. Well, once the payment actually goes through and all that. The only thing left on there is our gym membership. I’ll have to see if I can get it switched to our debit card or something, just because I won’t have to worry about paying that card every month for just one bill. Either way, it’ll stay at zero!

The only debt that’s really left to worry about is the Bank of America credit card. It has all the hospital bills and items like that, so even though I hate that I have the debt, I don’t feel so bad about it, because it’s not like I went out and bought lots of things I didn’t need. Everything else is really small and will be easy to pay off.

It’s getting closer!! Hooray!

Well, I try

But sometimes I feel as though I am getting absolutely nowhere. We have done really good getting rid of most of our debt, but the problem now is that ever since I was in the hospital over 4 months ago, we STILL keep getting bills for it!

The thing that pisses me off is that I have insurance, but I’m beginning to realize that having insurance doesn’t seem to mean a damn thing! The hospital that I went to was in-network, so no problem there. It still cost me over $1000, but seeing as how the total bill was over $20,000, I’m not going to bitch about that.

What I am going to bitch about is the fact that I have to pay the doctor who was there. The one who came in my room everyday for no real reason except that he is supposed to visit everyone on that floor. The actual doctor treating me was a totally different person. Well, apparently this other doctor was NOT in-network, so I get to pay the bill myself.

That pisses me off, because I did not have a choice! They don’t ask you which doctor you want or care if they are in-network. You get who you get and that’s it. If I had said, I don’t want that doctor, I want someone else, they would have said too bad! So, my insurance doesn’t cover it, even though I had ABSOLUTELY NO control over the situation!!

Sorry for the rant, I just had to get it out.


Well, I’ve transferred everything onto two cards pretty much. I have a couple store credit cards (American Eagle, Gap, Victoria’s Secret) that have maybe $100 or $200 on them, but I’m not counting them really. I’m talking about the “BIG” cards. And the only reason I haven’t gotten it down to one card is because I transferred some money to one other card because I can get 0% interest for 6 months. And that’s a small amount that I’ll probably pay off before it starts to acrue interest, so whoo hoo for me! has gotten 13 cheers on this goal.


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