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learn to pick a lock

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not quite picking, but

I did break into my car using a wire hanger and duct tape on my barely cracked open window. See, I thought I had locked my keys in my car…turns out they were at the bottom of a bag that I had torn through twice before deciding (wrongly, I see now) that they must be in the car.

There are two lessons to be learned here. One, look harder. Two, just shut the damn window. Better a hot car than a, uh… hot car.

Or just stop losing my keys

Yep, crawled in a window three times this week. My apartment is really, really, unsafely easy to break into. Must lock windows and google lockpicking.

oh, the versatile bobby pin

I lose things. Like keys. Alot. So tonight was another night of searching for an open window and hoisting myself in. Lucky the neighbors haven’t called the cops on me yet.

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