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take that, kodak

So it’s re-up time for the cell, meaning I also get a free phone. A new, free, phone…with a camera! How handy is that gonna be? Of course, now that I’m getting a camera phone, they’re guaranteed to be upstaged next month by some new model of GPS/lo-jacked/voice-activated/waterproof/SwissArmy phone. Technology…meh.

2 sidegoals

a. Fix that little arm that’s sticking out and keeping film from fitting all safe and snug in its little compartment.
b. Find out which executive at Kodak thought it would be funny to sell a camera that ran off the mythical battery size AAADQRSTLNE, rendering the camera useless once the free battery that came with it died, and send him an artist’s rendition of my innermost feelings, since they obviously can’t be expressed in a photo.


It’s just ridiculous the people and things I don’t have pictures of. What the hell am I gonna do when I’m 92 and can’t remember any of them? I better get crackin.

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