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post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :)

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Ever watch Survivorman?

Don’t you want to smack him sometimes?

What the heck happened here?

I take some time away, and when I come back, hello color explosion! Don’t we look fancy. And not that I was ever very good with the 43people aspect, but now I can’t even find it. Help me out, give me the scoop…what do you think of the new site?

What was the last

big surprise you got? Was it a welcome one?

Is the waiting

really the hardest part?

Do you name your cars?

I didn’t name my first two, but I’m currently very happy with Gia Rose, my dark red Grand Am. She just needed a name. Have you ever named yours?

What's your earliest memory?

Mine is my brother teaching me how to climb out of my crib…step on stuffed animals, get leg over bar, swing, hang, drop (not that it went that smoothly when I decided to actually try it).

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