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Amy H. has written 2 entries about this goal

Up & Down, back and forth....

Well, I think I achieved this, or got really close to it. But now, I’m back into slacking mode—got really busy this spring, publishing a book, and just had to skip more than I wanted to… (excuses, excuses)

But now I have been slowly adding to my mileage count, and our Maryland race is a 5K in two weeks. Heather (my race partner) and I are working run every week, and Mary (my training partner) wants to run the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in September. So that’s a definite goal (although she was a track coach this spring, while I sat on the computer and wrangled funding, so she’s running a lot more than I am!

I don’t think I’ve really defined “in-shape” exactly. Is it a size 8? Running 13 miles? Losing 20 pounds? I know that awhile back, I just felt like I was in better shape. I guess for me it’s a matter of feeling strong—strong core, strong legs. I’ve lost that since I’ve stopped going to boot camp weekly. I guess for now, I’ll call it dropping the 15 pounds I’ve gained since Christmas (!), running a 5K in less than 36 minutes, getting back into the pants I bought when I was a little thinner. Also being able to do 10 straight arm push-ups (I think I’ve only done this once!) and 200 sit-ups without being overly tired.

Then, I’ll redefine. :)


So how do you define this? I hate vagueness. Got a Wii Fit for Christmas, and it’s great for tracking your weight, and you can do it quickly too. The exercises are ok, they were good to get me started and I came up with a good strength circuit. But some of the aerobics are tame now and as I get used to the strength training, I’ll probably need something a little more intense.

I think my overall goal is to be stronger. Apparently a healthy weight for me would be lower than I’ve been since maybe 9th grade??? Unrealistic. I’m just going to follow the Wii’s advice, do 2 lbs every 2 weeks.

But what will I consider “in shape”? Hm. Let’s go with running a 9 minute mile and a size 10. After that…I’ll go from there. :) Triathalon maybe?


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