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Getting There

I am still losing weight slowly on my low-carb diet. It’s been almost a year now since I began. I’ve gone down almost two sizes, and am now almost into a 10. To think I used to be a 16!

Anyone out there who is overweight and can’t understand why should try a healthy low-carb diet. For years I couldn’t figure out why I would consistently gain weight when I was a very diligent health food junkie who ate only about 1200 calories a day. Well, it was that nutritious oatmeal and cous-cous and whole wheat bread that was putting on my pounds. And, of course, that occasional whole wheat fig bar and Odwalla juice.

I now eat eggs, bacon, meat, sour cream, avacado and nuts and bake low-carb desserts. I have not gone hungry yet I have lost weight.

What’s I’m saying is that it worked for me. But—it will not work unless you have the will to cut out flour and sugar permanently. It’s hard, but worth it.

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