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Be debt free

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Amy Runion has written 41 entries about this goal

Paid Off Hospital

Another $300 gone! I paid off my hospital bill from having my baby last Feb. At least it’s gone before he turns one.


Just did a rough count and was astounded to see that we only have about $3500 left plus about $2500 on the car! I am so excited right now!


Well we did end up buying my DH a truck after my last post and that pushed this goal back some. Hoping to be done early in the coming year. I am settling with one credit card and am using my Christmas bonus to get rid of a couple of other bills. Hopefully by March we will be just about done with the car and be able to just start putting money into savings.

This Year

Not done yet, but getting really close. We just had a new baby last week and I have promised myself that once I get back to work full time this goal will be my top priority. It shouldn’t take more than 6 months with the car and everything else. Maybe a year if we buy a truck for DH like we have been talking about. If we get him a truck we will be paying cash, but it will slow down the payments on everything else.

Two More Down

I paid off two credit cards today. We are really hitting this goal hard since we found out that we’re expecting a baby early next year. We want to get all of our finances in order before the baby comes.

Another year

Well, it’s 2010 now and we still have lots of debt. I’ve been paying and paying and paying, but it seems to be taking for ever. Maybe this is the year that I finally get rid of all of the debt. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

After Vacation

Now that vacation is over I can go back to really working on paying off bills. I hope to be debt free some time next year.

Revised Plan

OK, so it wasn’t working out because we were still always broke. Now we are doing it DHs way. Seems to be working so far. Another bill was paid off:)

Set Up Payments

I set up payments for 4 of my credit cards so that they will be paid off by the end of August. That still leaves 5 between me and DH. I know it’s a lot when you look at them, but at least I’m doing the sensible thing and getting rid of them for good. I can’t wait until we’re mostly debt free(no more credit cards.)


I hate working overtime, but right now we can really use the money. I have the opportunity this week for some overtime, so I’m not going to whine about it. I will have to wait three weeks before I see that money, but maybe I can pay off a credit card with it.

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