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My knees did something bad today. I see an orthopedist on Friday. I feel pretty confident she’s not going to tell me to get out there and train for 26.2-mile races. I’ve done 13.1 and I think that may have to be plenty. I’m “giving up” on this one, with the thought that I can always re-adopt this goal later if it’s appropriate.


If I started training in the next few weeks, I could be ready for a neat November marathon I spotted… I suspect (rather, I am pretty certain) that training would exacerbate my foot pain, though. :\

next best thing

I completed a half marathon in November 2011! Wooooo!

My knees are deteriorating to the point that it’s becoming inadvisable to continue long-distance running, at least for now. I’m not ready to give up forever on my marathon dreams, but it’s definitely a back burner thing at present.

still really doing this.

I ran 15.84 miles yesterday… just for the record. ;)


I’m going to register for the marathon on Wednesday, which is apparently National Running Day, and the cheapest I’ll be able to register between now and the race, which is in November.
I’m really doing this… eek :)

Doing it.

I’m doing the training program. Started this morning. I feel good about this. :)


A work friend is trying to get me to train with her, through an organization that I’ve previously tried (and dropped out of about halfway through). Training starts this weekend. I’m just not sure I’m ready… but if I waited until I was 100% sure about anything, nothing would ever get accomplished, right?

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