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stop grinding my teeth

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I wonder how I’ll know for sure if I’ve completely stopped grinding my teeth…


I was at the dentist yesterday and they said my teeth look good so I guess I’m not causing damage the way it feels like I must be… so that’s good, at least. Keeping the goal, though: grinding teeth is a stress thing for me, and if I’ve gotten that stressed then something needs to be done :)


I’ve been doing a little better on this. It’s a stress thing—the more stressed I am, the more the teeth grind. So I’m trying to alleviate stress when possible, and as an added bonus, my jaw won’t be sore!


Just added this goal, when I realized I’ve been grinding my teeth all night and my jaw is sore. Not sure how to go about it—guess this might go with my “go to the dentist” goal, eh?

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