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i want to live in the wild


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andy306 has written 3 entries about this goal

o yea

all u little kids that are on here wait till u are older cus u dont know what u are geting your self into. its not easy living in the wild. and u better no who your going with cus it might be the wrong one. what if there a killer or rapist and you are in the midle of sum woods.

like brian said just get off your ass and do it

i met brian on 43 things and i was in indiana 2 weeks ago and now im in alabama geting ready to go to the mountins in a month or 2. so just do it allready


i wana go as soon as posable and live in the wild. my name is andrew im 20. i live in indiana and i need sum 1 to go with dont no where im going so if u wana go live in the wild somewhere with me than email me []


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