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a lot depends on this

This really came to a head yesterday. I had a chat with my girlfriend and basicaly she’s not happy in the relationship because I seem to have no confidence at all, and it’s affecting things like her friends think I’m rude because I don’t look at them when I’m talking, and I don’t plan big things because I’m worried about it not happening.

It was the kick I needed. I didn’t know she’d noticed how shy and unconfident I can be, but oit’s obviously noticable.

Got a big boost

One of my confidence issues is to do with how I look. So I put a photo of me on yahoo answers today to ask for opions. Overall everyone said I was attractive, which feels great. I’m in a much happier and more confident state of mind now.

here's an idea

When I need to feel confident. I remind myself of something I’m good at in life, this makes me feel much better. For me, I’m trainging for my black belt grading in Taekwondo, so I remind myself of this in every day life and it fills me with a feeling of confidence and extra energy.

Work is helping achieve this

I’ve been promoted at work into a consultancy role, meaning I spend a lot of time away working with strangers in foreign countries. This is helping my overall confidence as I’m having to deal with new people all the time so coming across as being confident helps a lot.

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