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Get a tattoo


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I finally did it

I finally did it after years of puttin it off I got my tatuaje.Awsome awsome awsome. I know everyone says it doesn’t hurt, but it really doesn’t.

Tat tat tatted up

I love tattoos! Absolutely adore them. I have a spirit that loves to wander and hopes to travel many times through out my life. I don’t want for much more than good health and my family’s love and all the lessons life has to offer. I want to keep my material possessions to a minimum. I am best inspired visually. I love art! Even the art that I don’t get or am not particularly fond of simply because it’s someones emotion brought to life. Tattoos are an art that belong wholey to whomever it is that wears them. No matter where I go I’ll always have them as reminders of the things I value most and the lessons that I’ve leanred.


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