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cultivate my creative nature and pursue artistic goals

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I’m putting this into motion; leaving my job I hate is going to open up a lot of time and I’ll finally have energy to do the things I’ve had to put on hold for the last five years!

Recent thoughts on this....

... revealed that I’m more of an artist than I’ve given myself credit for and I really need to start nurturing that part of myself.

I see myself as primarily a performance artist through music, acting, and dancing, but I’ve explored (limitedly) visual arts and language arts as well. I enjoy all those things immensely and, if people have been sincere in their praise, I’ve apparently got a talent for each of those areas.

I suppose my ultimate goal? Would be to tie this to my other 43T goal of find a job that i love and be well paid for it. I can think of few things greater than being an artist for a living, though open a used bookstore/coffee shop comes in at a close second.

As far as how I’m working to further this goal?
- Performance: Voice lessons, learning electric guitar, practicing my piano
- Visual Arts: I need to work on this area the most. I’m working on some textile creations at present but I really need to build up my belief that I can draw. I need to work on my photography consistently! Not just every few weeks.
- Language Arts: I’ve got quite a few things started for short fiction and poetry and several ideas, but I need to be more focused and disciplined.

So my mantra on this goal right now should be: Focus. Commitment. Discipline.

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